Khartoum’s Budding Art Scene Is Ready for a Global Audience

Tucked away in a single room in an office building in downtown Khartoum, Sudan, the Khaish Studio is an experiment...More

How To Travel Africa As An African

“I’ve never seen anyone from Kenya before!”The Burkinabe woman sitting next to me on the overcrowded bus between Accra and Ouagadougou was so enthralled with my presence that she barely gave me a minute to myself throughout the 26-hour bus ride...More

Tarnished Glory: Kenya’s Sporting Nightmare

For two years between 2013 and 2015, artists Wambui Kamiru-Collymore and Xavier Verhoest criss crossed Kenya in search of perspectives on national identity in a country still smarting from the wounds of two highly divisive and violent elections ...More