Kenya’s Vicious War Against Its Youth

Security forces say they're targeting terrorists, but it's young people who keep dying. Why do so few Kenyans seem to care? ...More

Facebook’s Free Basics Is an African Dictator’s Dream

The tech giant’s no-frills app gives governments a version of the internet they can influence, if not totally control...More

Je Ne Suis Pas Garissa

One year after al-Shabab killed 147 people in cold blood,  the Kenyan government has turned its back on the university where it happened...More

Texts, Lies, and Videotape

NAIROBI — Clouds of black smoke rise from overcrowded slums. Throngs of terrified civilians flee as their neighborhoods are set ablaze. Shadowy men in uniforms march through the chaos, their weapons marking them as members of an occupying force... More

Kenya Braces for a Disaster of an Election

 Three days before they are due to vote in a presidential rerun, Kenyans have no idea whether the main opposition leader will participate, who will be on the ballot besides the incumbent president, and whether the country’s independent election commission can guarantee a peaceful and credible election... More

Europe Is Shocked — Shocked — By Libya’s Slave Markets

It was “scandalous,” “unacceptable,” and a “crime against humanity.” That was French President Emmanuel Macron’s description of the grainy video footage of a modern-day slave auction in Libya broadcast by CNN last month. European and African leaders echoed his sentiment at a summit in Burkina Faso in November, demanding an end to the auctions...More