Making sense of the chaos in Kenya

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Vote RON this coming November

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Fear and loathing on Ebola's front-line

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Commemorating African independence

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International law isn't 'real'

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Ebola outbreak: We need information, not panic

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The politics of identity and belonging in Kenya

ID cards remind refugees and locals alike that they will never be Kenyan enough... More

Poor women have free will, too

Appeals for birth control use in poorer nations is a question for the women, not the Catholic Church... More

Chasing ghosts in the Central African Republic

What on the surface looks like sectarian violence in CAR is a much more complex and far reaching conflict...More

Why do the Olympics matter?

Throughout history, and today, sport has brought bitter national rivals together while providing hope in tough times...More

Kenya tweets back: #SomeonetellCNN

International media continues to underestimate the extent to which technology has been adopted by the Kenyan society...More

Why do Western media get Africa wrong?

Throughout history, and today, sport has brought bitter national rivals together while providing hope in tough times...More

Nancy's got a gun: Justice and impunity in Kenya

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Does the ICC have an Africa problem?

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Reporting Africa: In defence of a critical debate

The challenge for journalists covering Africa is telling African stories in their full human dimension. by Solomon Dersso ...More

The blindspots of Western feminists

Working women should not feel ashamed if they are unable to be the do-it-all mothers idealised by some feminists...More

The murder that shook the Kenyan elections

The mutilated body of Chris Msando, acting director for Information and Communications Technology at the commission overseeing the highly anticipated August election, was found in a forest near the capital less than ten days ahead of the vote ... More

What Kenyan voters got for the $500m spent on elections

Raila Odinga, leader of the National Super Alliance and Kenya's opposition is petitioning the Supreme Court for a review of the results of the 2017 election, easing the political pressure that has kept the country in suspended animation for the last week... More

Putting Kenya's media shutdown in context

Democracy is a marathon, and Kenya just delivered one of the most decisive victories for African democracy in recent history. Marathons are, after all, our thing... More

Wakanda is not African, and that's OK

The fictional country of Wakanda is, at least according to the comic book history, located somewhere in real life Turkana, the largest and also poorest of Kenya's 47 counties.

Politics in the digital age: Cambridge Analytica in Kenya

Last week, social media giant Facebook announced that it was suspending data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica (CA) from its platform. According to Facebook, CA had violated its policies on user data when a researcher accessed millions of user's data from the site and transferred it to CA...

Reflections on Tana Forum 2018 and Ethiopia's new PM Abiy Ahmed

If you were only watching the official news coverage of the inauguration of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto for their second term, you would be forgiven for thinking that the political crisis that has seized Kenya since August 11 was over...