Kenya’s 2017 elections will be like none before. Here’s why.

Kenya’s 2017 elections are set to be the country’s most interesting yet. The political landscape has shifted, and whatever else these elections turn out to be – violent, peaceful, confusing − they are going to a different kettle of fish to previous polls ...More

Decolonise da police: How brutality was written into the DNA of Kenya’s police service

“Severe blunt force trauma to the head, neck and chest. Strangulation. Crushed genitals.”

These were a few of the injuries sustained by attorney Willie Kimani, his client Josphat Mwendwa, and their taxi driver Joseph Muiruri, who were allegedly kidnapped and tortured by at least three police officers at the Syokimau Administration Police Camp before being killed and dumped in a river...More

Why aren’t we moving? Nairobi’s never-ending traffic nightmare

On paper, Lang’ata is just 7km from Nairobi’s Central Business District. This factoid has long been a major selling point for the middle-class suburb, nestled between the super-rich mansions of Karen and the vast informal settlement in Kibera ...More

Kenya: It really is about dicks

I bet you never thought the day would come when you would log into this website and find so many articles about penises. Last month, I wrote an article on this platform on Kenya’s phallocentric public policy, inspired to a great extent by a front page newspaper article concerning Deputy President William Ruto’s comments on the state of Gideon Moi’s member ...More

[Once you’ve read this, read Ngala Chome’s response Not just big dicks: Kenya’s real cross-cutting theme is class. And then Nyabola’s response to that Kenya: It really is about dicks.]

On 22 February, readers of The Star newspaper were treated to the front-page headline which screamed: “Gideon Moi is uncircumcised, says DP Ruto ... More

Wangari Maathai was not a good woman. Kenya needs more of them.

25 September marked four years since the passing of Kenyan environmentalist and feminist icon, Wangari Maathai. Around the world, the anniversary was marked by speeches, tree planting ceremonies and any number of other events that resonated with Maathai’s legacy as a feminist, an environmentalist and one of the foremost leaders of the post-Cold War democracy movement...More

Siasa na Kusengenyana (aka When Kenyan politicians switch from English)

It’s time to axe Kenya’s big dick politics

The Supreme Court’s ruling on 1 September was one of the most startling in recent – perhaps world – history. In a 4-2 decision, the court held that Kenya’s 8 August election had not been conducted to the standard established in law and that the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) that oversees elections needs to conduct a fresh election....More